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About World Memon Foundation

The foundation stone of World Memon Foundation Community Centre Trust was laid by Mr. Muhammad Aly Rangoonwala on 25th, April 1984 and the inauguration was carried out by the Governor Sindh of that time Mr. Mahmood A. Haroon at 29th, February 1992. The Centre started to be functional in 1992 and since then has been offering Vocational courses to ladies in a well maintained and peacefully secured environment irrespective of their cast, creed, color or nationality.

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Vocational Training Centre

DEDICATIONS In memory of those of our forefathers who were philanthropist, devoted leaders and Social Workers for their Selfless Service to Humanity. May their Noble deed continue to inspire us.

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Beauty Salon & Training Centre

 "To admire beauty is an art which can only be felt by those who know how to convert the Beauty of colors in terms of beauty of a person."   OUR VISION Our Beauty Salon following the same

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Health & Fitness Centre

"HEALTHY WOMEN ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE NATION'S HEALTH" GYMNASIUM Whether you just want to learn the use of fitness machines, or looking for specific gym programmes, our staff can give you the guida