Our History



The World Memon Foundation Community Centre Trust was opened by its Founder Chairman Mr. Muhammad Aly Rangoonwala on 25th, April 1984 on Land arranged for the Trust by the Bawany family from Pakistan Memon Education & Welfare Society. The inauguration was carried out by the Governor Sindh Mr. Mahmood A. Haroon at 29th, February 1992. The Centre started functioning in 1992 and since then has been offering Vocational courses, health and fitness courses and beauty salon services to ladies in a well maintained and peacefully secured environment irrespective of cast, creed, color or nationality. The Center turns out confident, skilled and empowered women who can bring about change for the better in society for new generations to live and work in a better environment. In the construction of this vocational training centre Trustee Mr. Ali Muhammad Tabba rendered an important role and
Mr. Zakaria Daiwani’s efforts to initiate vocational courses at the Centre were commendable. The success of this Centre as the leading women’s vocational training facility was due to the active participation of the Adamjee, Bawany, Haji Hashim, Rangoonwala and Tabba families.