Vocational Training Centre


In memory of those of our forefathers who were philanthropist, devoted leaders and Social Workers for their Selfless Service to Humanity. May their Noble deed continue to inspire us.


The centre started to be functional in 1992 and since then has been offering Vocational courses to ladies in a well maintained, peaceful and secured environment irrespective of their cast, creed, color or nationality. The centre is proceeding with an aim to enable illiterate, semiliterate or literate females to recognize their capabilities and utilize their skills through the vocational training leading to the alleviation of poverty and frustration from the society as they can share their contribution in the family income as being independent earners. The number of offered courses is 78. The average number of admissions in two months, one month, fifteen days and One day courses are 120,000 per year.


"Self Motivated, independent, skilled females"

Our vision is to have a society where females equivalently participate diligently in every walk of life with a sense of self-esteem, reliability, poitive attitude and a broader perspective to accept challenges of rapidly changing world.


The World Memon Foundation Community Centre Trust is earnestly striving to:

 - Provide equal opportunities of learning to literate, semiliterate or illiterate women of Pakistan.

- Provide quality Vocational training renewed with the contemporary requirements in the world.

- Provide a bias-free learning environment.    

- Inculcate the ethical, social and moral values such as punctuality, reliability, discipline, care for others and self-esteem.         

- Upgrade the learning and teaching facilities by introducing new courses, equipment and techniques contemporary with the requirements in the world.

- Appreciate females from indigent back grounds by providing them scholarships.

- Make the pursuit of knowledge easily accessible even to under privileged women in every walk of life.


Centre offers the following programs throughout the year:

- Six Month Salon Management Training Certificate Course.

- Four Months Diploma of Beautician Elementary Course.

- Two Months Program

- One Month Program

- Mega One Day Vocational Program

- Mega One Day Cooking Program

- One Day Cooking and Vocational Program


1- Beautician

2- Fine Art/ Painting

3- English Language

4- Computer

5- Garments

6- Fashion Designing

7- Creative Work

8- Cooking

9- Health and Fitness

10- Handicraft

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